24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week

Automated Cardlock Fueling Network

24 hour, 7 days a week our Automated Cardlock Fueling Network, provides both gas and on road diesel, and is located at all four of our locations, Wingham, Listowel, Mount Forest, and Walkerton. Off Road diesel is currently available at our Walkerton, Listowel and Mount Forest locations and will be available in Wingham in the spring of 2013. Take advantage of fleet price, and save money.


Wireless communictation with our trucks is a great benefit to both us and our customers. Wireless means that we are able to track our trucks and their routes and in most cases provide same day delivery to our customers.

Automatic Delivery

Take some of the worry out of your life, and stop checking the oil level in your tank, because you will never run out again, thanks to our Automatic Delivery Service. So take the stress out of your life and enjoy the peace-of-mind of Automatic Delivery.